• The year 8 summer exam in May 2015 will cover all topics up to and including Properties of Shapes.

    Self enrolment: Year 8 List of Topics
  • Year 8 Notes up to an including Algebra 2

    Self enrolment: Year 8 Notes
  • In this folder are links to all the MyMath lessons and homeworks for the topics that have been covered this year. There are also¬†worksheets (with answers)which you may find helpful when revising for the summer exams.¬†The resources here do not cover absolutely everything you need to know for your summer exams.

    Self enrolment: Year 8 Summer Exam Revision
  • Girls already have these questions in a booklet given out at the beginning of the year.

    The answers to the Set B questions are given here.

    Self enrolment: Year 8 Self Assessment Questions and Set B Answers
  • These tests have been used in previous years for revision before the summer exam.Some topics may have changed slightly for teaching this year.

    Self enrolment: Year 8 Review Tests
  • Worksheets summarising each of the units taught.

    Self enrolment: Year 8 Support material