GCSE Art & Design Study Guide And Assessment Records

Careers Links to Art & Design throughout your Portfolio

Look at Careers links within Art & Design while working through your portfolio.

Which Careers relate to the different areas in Art & Design?


What will we learn?

Reasons why portraits are recorded.

Portraits in context.


Using research from the National Portrait Gallery web-site discover what different media are and how they are used in portraiture.

Design a Couture dress to be worn at a 'Red Carpet' event. Use your chosen designer to help inspire the style, make it your own by adding colour, pattern and shape from the theme you have chosen. (Flowers, animals, insects).

The design should be colourful and vibrant and detailed. Remember the success criteria for your drawing:

Elegant, Elongated, Exciting.

1. Using the internet and fashion/celebrity magazines source Couture fashion that you are inspired and excited by. Make a presentation page of the designs you have chosen, clearly labelling the designer's name and reference to were you got it. Now evaluate in your own words why you have chosen each, what do you like about them? What might the designer have been inspired by? What fabrics and colours are used? What event might it be worn at?


Learning how to measure the proportions of the face

Researching on the internet what a Graphic Designer's job is and what are the most famous logos?.